A conglomeration of singers, mostly from the first two seasons of "The Sing-Off," this all-female a cappella group is experienced and talented. Amy and Laina of BYU Noteworthy and Candace from Voices of Lee join the group from Season 1. Joining from Season 2 are Hannah and Ingrid from Pitch Slapped of Berklee College of Music. Kendall from Eleventh Hour, who also joins the group from Season 2, has graduated high school since appearing on the show and currently attends Belmont University. Rounding out the group are Johanna and Geena, two members of Divisi, the all-female a cappella group from The University of Oregon. These young ladies have been singing across the country over the past couple years, but still carry an unfulfilled desire to conquer "The Sing-Off" stage. They have banded together to compete once again, aiming to prove to America that an all-female a cappella group can win it.

Group members include: Amy Whitcomb, Candace Eve, Geena Glaser, Hannah Juliano, Ingrid Andress, Johanna Vinson, Kendall Young and Laina Walker.

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